This is DOGSHAMPOO, home of Clownbear Meatball and personal website of some guy named Parker. It's still largely a work of progress, but this is sort of a 'landing page' for all the stuff like links to other websites.

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Ker-be Pen - a pretty good lineart pen. the original author deleted it already, but i reuploaded it in case.
Fajyobore's coloring brush set - laying down base colors, painting and blending.
Stingo pen - inking and layering.
S-A-I pen - all around. basically a SAI clone brush
SU cream pencil - very solid lineart brush.
Q: What program do you use?
A: I used to use Procreate. Nowadays, I just use Clip Studio Paint.

Q: What brushes do you use?
A: Check the bar on the right.

Q: Why is it called dog shampoo...
A: I don't know...

Name: Clownbear Meatball
Type: Clown
Age: I haven't asked...
Occupation: Bum

Likes: A fine selection of meats
Dislikes: Working

Clownbear comes from a family of working class clowns. Such family consists of a gondolier clown, a gardener clown, a baker clown, and much more.

All the baby clowns in their little clown town start out as animal clowns. When they come of age, they transition into a working clown and change their name. Clownbear is different, however. He is still a Clownbear. This behavior is looked down upon in this society.

One day, his family was fed up with him freeloading, so they decided to give him an ultimatum. Either he finds a clown job, or they kick him out. Of course, he was too lazy to find a job, so they booted him out shortly (with an oversized clown shoe!)

Such cruel fate... but it is the start of an adventure!